Fruit and Truffle Tray
Assorted Strawberries, Raspberries, truffles, and solid chocolate seashells piled high to create a tempting array of delicious treats for any gathering.  Choose tray size to suit your needs. 14" tray will have approx. 30 strawberries, 20 raspberries, 20 assorted truffles,...
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Large Specialty Box of Assorted Chocolates
The most beautiful gift!  This clear lidded box holds a beautiful display of truffles. Either 1 layer of 24 pieces sitting on a platform in a clear lidded box with attached bow, or eliminate the platform and fill the box...
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2 Inch Square (First Colonial)
A 2 inch square of milk, dark, or white chocolate topped with printed, edible rice paper featuring school logo. (First Colonial High School logo pictured here). Please describe your logo selection in the 'Note' section upon checkout! **minimum of 12 squares purchase...
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Father's Day Lollipop
Chocolate Lollipop with Rice-paper message attached.  Choose Milk or dark chocolate for this item.  
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Peppermint Bark
Thin layers of dark and white chocolate topped with crushed peppermint . approx. size pieces 2.5"x 2.5" /4 pieces per bag.
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2 piece truffle box with custom initial images
two piece truffle box with custom initials transferred onto each piece.  Great idea for a wedding engagement or other celebration of two people coming together.  You choose the truffle center, but chocolates with transfer images MUST be dipped into white...
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Custom transfers on Oreo Cookies
Edible images on top of Oreo cookies.  Choose your image and customize your Chocolate dipped Oreo Cookies.  (must be dipped into white chocolate only).   **please contact first me for full details on this product  
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Custom Rice Paper image on a Lollipop (or circle)
Your custom image printed onto edible confectionary paper and placed on top of a chocolate circle lollipop (or without the stick) 3" diameter.  Great way to promote a business, or event.  You choose milk, dark or white chocolate for this...
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Filled Flower
Chocolate shell shaped like a flower and filled with your favorite filling.  Choose from milk or dark chocolate and pick Butter Cream, Coconut, or Peanut Butter filling.  Best gift idea ever!
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Smashing Pumpkin with Wooden Mallet
Hollow chocolate pumpkin shell filled with assorted truffles.  Use this wooden mallet to smash open your chocolate pumpkin to reveal a wonderful surprise inside.  (filled with 12 truffles. (Specify nuts or no nuts when ordering).  Fun gift for all to...
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