food and family

The two things that bind us together. If your plan is to build a business, the first ingredient must be family. A decade ago, I had the idea that learning a new trade and mastering a technique could lead me to a life-long passion for my work. The question was, how do you do that without family? I suppose you can, but if you are lucky enough to have a family you know you can trust and rely on, sometimes they make the best business partners.
This new world of chocolate became a ‘family’ project, and it was an easy topic for all of us to contribute ideas and try new techniques; because really, how bad could the mistakes be? My sister and I decided to dive in and give it a try. We bought into a chocolate franchise business to learn the trade. It was not long before other family members were finding their role in this venture. From grocery deliveries and production assembly, to social media shares… even out-of-town family visiting for the Holidays helped during our Christmas rush. Everyone found their way to contribute. The chocolate business quickly became part of our shared family stories. It has truly been a pleasure working alongside each and every one of them.

Now onto the next chapter. Sweet Madeline’s Fine Chocolates continues the tradition of celebrating all things chocolate. Our passion to learn and grow in this confectionary business defines us and our efforts show. We look forward to sharing all of our creations with you. Thanks for your continued support!

our story

Many years ago, I was given a gift in the form of a special relationship with my god mother, Aunt Madeline. She was a dynamic, resilient, loving woman with a big heart. This 70 year old woman ran circles around me, effortlessly commanding the space, while sharing recipes and baking with me when I was young. We would make a date for lunch and tea at her house in her tiny kitchen (and when I say tiny...) Madeline would teach me the basics of cooking “the way ‘Mama’ used to make them.”
A precious gift from years gone by, I will never forget. This creative outlet we shared has guided me through the years, and Sweet Madeline’s Fine Chocolates is my way of giving back to her.


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